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Watts Collection, documents 51-75

Checklist of documents in the Watts Collection at the Historical Society of Western Virginia, Roanoke, Virginia. To consult these documents, go to http://www.vahistorymuseum.org/ and click on “Visit HMWV's Virtual Collection!” The documents can be found by a keyword search, or by catalog number using “Click and Search”.

The documents in this group have dates between 1827 and 1831, with one exception: 1998.26.63. It dates from 1844 or later, and concerns property sold to pay the debts of Robert Carter Gwathmey. It includes copies of several deeds, the first of which is dated 1829, and that may account for its presence here. Several documents relate to Edward Watts’s expansion of the Oaklands plantation: 1998.26.52, 53, 62, 66, and 67. A group of letters and documents, 1998.26.57-60 and 64, concerns George Hancock, a prominent resident of the Roanoke area who moved to Kentucky, retaining Edward Watts as his agent for legal matters. Most of the remaining items are account statements or other papers relating to debts handled by Edward Watts; several are for payments to court clerks or the sheriff: 1998.26.70-72, and 75. Two items arise from the operation of the Oaklands plantation: a shopping list, 1998.26.65, and a payment for wagon repairs, 1998.26.69.

around November 1831
Account of William Muse to Drury Childers, itemizing the sources of the original debt in February and March 1827, and several partial payments, plus interest

September 4, 1827
Deed from Charles Johnston to Allen Taylor for the sale of a tract of land of 105 acres in Botetourt (now Roanoke) County along the Great Road, adjoining tracts belonging to Tayloe and Gish

April 22, 1828
Deed from Henry S. Langhorne and Frances his wife, in Lynchburg, Virginia, to Edward Watts for the sale of a tract of land of 117 acres in Botetourt (now Roanoke) County on Tinker Creek, adjoining tracts belonging to Watts, Allen Taylor, and Frederick Thrasher, with certifications by the Langhornes and the Botetourt County Court clerk's endorsement that the deed had been recorded on August 28, 1828

October 11, 1828
Letter from Chiswell Dabney in Lynchburg, Virginia, to Edward Watts in Botetourt County, Virginia, employing him to collect a debt of $50 from George Hancock of Montgomery County, Virginia; Hancock is moving out of the state and offers a payment which Dabney asks Watts to negotiate for him

 Be pleased to write me in reply as soon as convenient, & also let me hear from you on the subject of the business with Mr Bowyer. Yrs in Haste, C. Dabney

August 30, 1828
Letter from John Tompkins, in Lynchburg, Virginia, probably to Edward Watts, regarding a promissory note he has been offered, which is assigned by Major Edmondson (William Edmundson or Henry Edmundson), but the prospective buyer requests more information about the original maker of the note

Please give me as nearly as you can the history of the transaction. Was the bond given for land or for what. If I like the paper on being acquainted with its origin &c and you will make a discount of 10 p. Cent I will come up & pay my own expences & see what we can do. Is the debtor and land in your neighbourhood. Your obt Svt, Jno Tompkins

September 27, 1828
Letter from John Tompkins, in Lynchburg, Virginia, probably to Edward Watts, regarding a meeting in Fincastle, Virginia, asking Watts to come prepared to conclude their business

November 6, 1828
Receipt from Edward Watts to George Hancock for delivery of bonds of almost $5000 written by John R. Richardson to Hancock, and placed in the hands of Henry Edmundson, plus one smaller bond written by William C. Williams; from the proceeds, Watts was to pay William Taylor as executor for John Caswell Griffin, and pay Chiswell Dabney (see1998.26.54). This receipt canceled because it was replaced by another.

October 4, 1828
Letter from Josiah Auld, accountant in Liberty (now Bedford), Virginia, to George Hancock, requesting a receipt for money he received in a judgment against the Govatkins (Gwatkins) estate; he identifies himself as an employee of Mitchell Ewing, explains that the receipt is needed to release the commissioners, and mentions contacting Hancock's attorney, Allen Taylor

February 1830
Final page of a letter from George Hancock in Louisville, Kentucky, to Edward Watts near Salem, Virginia, regarding the account between John Tompkins and Hancock, including several bonds of Elijah McClanahan, and instructions for the money when the bonds come due

December 6, 1829
Letter from George Hancock in Louisville, Kentucky, to Edward Watts near Big Lick (now Roanoke), Virginia, regarding several matters of business, including bonds, debts, payments, estates, and lawsuits, and also Hancock's intention of returning to Virginia in the spring; he mentions Henry Edmundson, J. W. Richardson, William Lewis (whom he expected to see in Ohio but missed), Jacob Flegar (whom he saw in Fincastle, Virginia), Backus, Wood (the master commissioner in the estate of John Caswell Griffin), Grabil (or Graybill) and Wilson (whom he is suing in chancery), Allen Taylor, James Littlepage Woodville, Elijah McClanahan, and William C. Williams

I hope that means will be taken to get a tryal of my chancery suits vs Grabil and Wilson. Please write me. With respects to your Family I remain, your Srvt Geo Hancock

January 1829
Assignment of bonds for $3060 made by Joshua P. C. Brown in favor of Charles Johnston to Edward Watts as surety for his endorsement of a note by Johnston to the Farmers Bank of Virginia in Lynchburg, Virginia

April 13, 1827
Survey by William Anderson of land constituting several small lots exchanged between Edward Watts and Jeremiah Whitten, these lots forming part of the land of Andrew Lewis divided among his heirs (see 1998.26.31-33).

After March 9, 1844
Copy of several deeds and court judgments concerning Gwathmey family property, summarizing the history of the ownership of property conveyed as payment of a debt. The principal figures are members of the Gwathmey family; Temple Gwathmey conveyed property to his two sons, Robert Carter and William Watts Gwathmey, and Robert Carter Gwathmey apparently had to surrender the property to pay debts he owed to Robert D. Murchie and his heirs, and to a New York firm trading as Rogers and Co. Others mentioned in the documents include Richard Morris, John Wickham, J. B. Harvie, John Grattan Gamble, Samuel Myers, Mary (Scott) Watts, James A. Seddon, B. W. Leigh, Otway and Andrew (male slaves), Betsy, Setty and Sally (female slaves), William Watts, Lewis Rogers, Charles Sagory, George Eugene Swann, and Judith Ann Murchie. The property included buildings in Richmond, Virginia.

By a deed, dated 10th April 1829, Temple Gwathmey conveys to Robert Gwathmey, Edward Watts and Richard Morris, as trustees, one half of a large brick lumber house situated near Shockoe ware house; also the house and lot at the corner of 10th and K (now Clay) street, being parts of lots nos 771 and 772, and adjoining the dwelling house occupied by the late John Wickham; also one equal fourth part of lot no 783, on the north side of K (now Clay) street, and adjoining the lot no 778, owned by J. B. Harvie

October 12, 1830
Receipt and final statement of Edward Watts to George Hancock, listing bonds held by Watts for Hancock, several from John R. Richardson and one from William C. Williams, with instructions to pay various claims with the money collected, including to William Taylor for John Caswell Griffin's estate, and to Chiswell Dabney; endorsed as settled by Hancock in 1833

Out of the amount of these bonds when receivd by me I am to pay to Mr William Taylor the sum of fourteen hundred and fifty five dollars thirty nine cents, with interest on account of Barry's judgment vs John C. Griffin's estate, for which an order on me has been drawn by Mr Hancock and the residue if collected by me to be for Mr Hancock's use. Also John R. Richardson's bond to Mr Hancock for five hundred and forty four dollars seventy cents dated 15th October 1829 and payable on demand and William C. Williams' bond to same for one hundred and ninety one dollars fifty cents dated 15th October 1828 payable twelve months after date, out of the proceeds of which I am to pay Chiswell Dabney fifty dollars with interest from the 25th of May 1827 and the remainder should it be collected by me to be paid over to Mr  Hancock unless otherwise directed by a decree or order of Botetourt court. A former receipt given on the 6th of November 1828 for bonds is hereby canceld, the above embracing all placed in my hands by Mr Hancock.
Edwd Watts / Settled & Receivd the above in full / Geo Hancock / Oct 6th 1833

Account of Edward Watts with J. R. C. Brown, a storekeeper, showing purchases of clothing like shoes, ribbon and a hat, and of other household items like a razor, nails and letter paper

1998.26.66. WC
April 13, 1831
Deed for the sale by Allen Taylor and Rhoda his wife to Edward Watts, of a tract of land of 105 acres in Botetourt (now Roanoke) County, Virginia, along Tinker Creek and the Great Road, and adjacent to land of John Taylor and the Gish family

This Indenture made on this 13th day of April in the year 1831 between Allen Taylor and Rhoda his wife of the county of Botetourt of the one part and Edwd Watts of the same county of the other part, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of ten dollars to them in hand paid by the said Edward Watts at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, they the said Allen Taylor and Rhoda his wife have bargaind and sold, and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the said Edward Watts his heirs and assigns, a certain tract or parcel of land lying on Tinker Creek in the county of Botetourt containing one hundred and five acres, be the same more or less being the same land laid off and assignd to the said Taylor by certain commissioners appointed for that purpose and which is bounded as follows to wit, Beginning at the figure 5' on the connected plat

August 30, 1831
Deed for the sale of a 250-acre tract of land to Edward Watts by Elijah McClanahan as executor of James Mason, the land lying south of the Roanoke River near the eastern border of Botetourt (now Roanoke) County, Virginia; also mentions William and Samuel Seagraves and Peter and Jacob Kefauver

This Indenture made and enterd into on the 30th day of August in the year 1831 between Elijah McClanahan, Executor of James Mason of the one part and Edward Watts of the other part, both of the county of Botetourt and State of Virginia, Witnesseth, that the said Elijah McClanahan, Executor as aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of twenty dollars to him in hand paid at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath bargained, sold and confirmd and by these presents doth bargain, sell, alien and confirm unto the said Edwd Watts, his heirs and assigns, a certain tract or parcel of land containing two hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less lying on the south side of Roanoke River in the county aforesaid, being the same land which was granted to said McClanahan as Exor aforesaid on the 17th day of March in the year 1812 and which is bounded as follow, to wit: Beginning at two chestnut oaks near the River

January 22, 1832
Statement of the account of Elijah McClanahan with Edward Watts, showing $14.60 due on a note after payments to the heirs of Rowland Madison and carriage of flour to Pattonsburg (now Buchanan), Virginia, and Lynchburg, Virginia

September 22, 1831
Note from Edward Watts, probably at home in Botetourt (now Roanoke) County, Virginia, to Irvine (first name illegible), at Goose Creek, Bedford County, Virginia, covering payment of $6.25 for wagon repairs with receipt from Irvine to Watts

Bill from John Alexander, Clerk of Campbell County Court, Virginia, to Edward Watts, in Botetourt (now Roanoke) County, Virginia, for 96 cents for legal documents related to the Gwathmey family

1831    Edward Watts to the Clerk of Campbell D.C.                         Dr
April    Order for Counter Security of
            Gwathmey’s Admr 26 Copy 18 attorney 8                        $ - .52
May     Order against Same 26 Copy 18                                             .44
                                                                                                        $ - .96
            John Alexander Clk

April 1831
Bill from John Mathews, Clerk of Greenbrier County Court, Virginia (now West Virginia) to Edward Watts, itemizing expenses for legal papers and procedures in a case involving members of the Spencer family

1831          as well to the late as present Clerk of Greenbrier County            Dr
March        Capias against Spencer & others 18 docketings 8                      .26
                  Attorney 8 Return 18 bail 18 Recognizance 18                          .62

Receipt from the sheriff's office of Botetourt County, Virginia, signed by Powell H. Huff, deputy sheriff, for John Moore, sheriff, for a payment made by Edward Watts on behalf of William Minor, for a tithe

December 21, 1830
Note of Dennis Carroll and William Jennings to Robert Jennings for $30, assigned to Edward Watts for the benefit of F. Parton, and receipted on March 1, 1831; the name Charles Oliver also appears

April 18, 1831
Memo of Edward Watts regarding a bond of Mr Richardson, which had been paid but accidentally omitted from the record

December 1830
Receipt from the sheriff's office of Botetourt County, signed by deputy sheriff Bernard Pitzer, for payment of William Minor's tithe

More to come.

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