Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Staples Family Graves in Fair View Cemetery, part 1

            Fair View Cemetery in Roanoke, Virginia, was established in 1890. It is a large cemetery, with 20,000 persons interred there, and the capacity for 30,000 more. As explained in an earlier post, the small private Watts graveyard was moved to Fair View in 1976. The Staples family came to Roanoke as urbanites, and so did not own a large tract of land on which to establish a family burying ground. They were among the early persons interred at Fair View, since Caroline Harris (DeJarnette) Staples was buried there in 1892, and her husband Samuel Granville Staples in 1895. This post will show pictures of the gravestones of the three generations of the Staples family and their wives, in the direct line from Samuel Granville Staples to Abram Penn Staples (III), and of the two sons of the latter who are buried at Fair View.

The gravestone of Samuel Granville Staples and Caroline Harris (DeJarnette) Staples

Inscription: STAPLES / Sacred To The Memory Of / [left side] Samuel Granville / Staples / Born at Patrick Courthouse, Va. / Nov. 29, 1821 / Died at / Roanoke City / August 6, 1895 / His delight is in the law of / the Lord. [Psalms 1:2] / [right side] Caroline Harris / Dejarnette / Wife of / Samuel G. Staples / Born at Spring Grove, Caroline Co. / Va, March 4, 1833, Died at / Roanoke City, Jany 1, 1892. / Her children rise up and call / her blessed. [Proverbs 31:28]

The gravestone of Abram Penn Staples (II) and Sallie Clement (Hunt) Staples

Inscription: ABRAM PENN STAPLES / 1858 – 1913 / A powerful advocate, profound / lawyer, and beloved teacher of / the law, from a life of self- / sacrificing labor and generosity / to an eternity of rest. / His beloved wife / Sallie Hunt Staples / 1864 – 1934

The gravestone of Abram Penn Staples (III)

Inscription: ABRAM PENN STAPLES / 1885 – 1951

The gravestone of Jean Duncan (Watts) Staples

Inscription: JEAN WATTS STAPLES / WIFE OF / ABRAM P. STAPLES . 1886 – 1969

The gravestone of Allen Watts Staples

Inscription: ALLEN WATTS STAPLES / FEB. 23, 1914 / OCT. 19, 1977

The gravestone of Helen Elizabeth (Brodin) Staples

HELEN E. BRODIN / WIFE OF / ALLEN W. STAPLES / AUG. 22, 1911 / OCT. 2, 1975

The gravestone of Abram Penn Staples (IV)

Inscription: ABRAM PENN STAPLES, Jr / 1915 – 1952

Other members of the family buried at Fair View will be shown in the next post.

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